Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Hunger Games Movie Casting News

So a big decision was made today. Cinna was cast. And who did they get to play him?
Lenny Kravitz.
Wait. What?
Yes i know that his name had been tossed around a few weeks ago as a possible contender for a role in the movie but honestly i thought it was just a rumor. i didn't really think that he would actually get a role. i mean, he's Lenny Kravitz for fuck's sake!
i mean, that's just such a random choice, no? What is going on over at Lionsgate? First the Peeta/Gale debacle and now this! i know one thing, if Lenny rocks his famous dreads i will totes no longer be on Team Cinna!

In other casting news, the role of Peeta's stylist, Portia, will be played by Latarsha Rose. And Octavia, a member of Katniss' prep team, will be played by Brooke Bundy. Here's a pic of those chicks:

i ain't mad about this decision.

 And lastly, here's some interesting news. Claudius Templesmith will be played by Dobby the house elf. Or at least by the guy that voiced him; British actor Toby Jones.

So those are the new cast members (so far) for this week. What do you guys think? (Especially about the Lenny decision.) There are only a few roles left so who do you think we'll see next? Will they announce who will play Madge or Greasy Sae or the Avox girl?
Or will they hit us with the biggie--- President Snow? 
Tell me your dream cast or if you're happy with the reality cast thus far. (Lenny Kravitz? Really?) Dish it up in the comments, people!   

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