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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 21 OR Everybody Do The Limbo ;)

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #21: Let It Bleed.
Previously on Supernatural...
CASS BETRAYED US!!! He's been working with Crowley (who, p.s. IS ALIVE!) trying to find purgatory. They're all about the souls, people.
We've had a massive death toll this season--- Mama=Gone. Gramps=Done for. Annoying Girl Cousin=See ya. Rufus=*sniff* Pour one out, y'all. Crowley=Thought to be kaput but then CASS BETRAYED US!!! Dean=For a hot second when he was trying to get Sammy's soul back. Ellen and Jo=Brought back but dead again. Lenore our Friendly Neighborhood Vampire=Deader.
There's unrest in heaven. You're either Team Cass or Team Raphael. Looks like it's about to get apocalyptic in this bitch. Again. And Sam might get a little cray cray cos i think his soul walls might be a-crumblin'.

It's March 15th, 1937. It was a dark and stormy night and some dude is typing on a typewriter.
The door creaks open. Typewriter dude goes for his gun.
He opens the door further. No one is there so he closes the door and locks it and then drinks.
Something crashes through his window.
Typewriter dude says "We didn't know. i'm sorry."
And now typewriter dude gets killed.
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!

We're at Bobby's. Cass has stolen a journal from Bobby's house. The journal belonged to an H.P. Lovecraft. He was a horror story writer. He may have known something about purgatory. But we'll never know cos Cass is a thief!
At Lisa's house. She's got a new boyfriend.
OMG, someone just kicked the door in.
Ben hauls ass upstairs. Lisa gets grabbed.
Well Lisa had a new boyfriend. That thing just snapped his neck.
Ben heads for his room and calls Dean. Dean tells him to jump out the window. Any broken bones will be better than whatever is in the house will do to him.
Ben drops the phone. Dean tells him that he's on his way.
Dean calls Ben's name. Crowley answers instead. Oh shit!
Commercial time.
Ooh a preview for The Secret Circle! Another L.J. Smith series made into a TV show. Will it be as good as The Vampire Diaries?

Dean tells Crowley to let Ben and Lisa go.
Crowley tells Dean he's gonna keep Lisa and Ben until Dean agrees to back off.
Then he hangs up.
Uh HELLO!, like Dean would ever back off after finding out about something like that. 
Dean tells Sam and Bobby the bad news.
He's going after them. He tells Sam and Bobby to take care of the Lovecraft bidness. 
But Sam says he's going with him. 
So. How are they gonna find Crowley? 
Lets summon Balthy! 
Sam and Dean tell Balthy that Cass is a doublecrosser. They want Balthy to help them find Crowley. 
Balthy exits stage left. 
Sam suggests maybe possibly calling Cass. Dean is all oh hell no. 
Back to Bobby. And Bobby is all cleaned up, y'all. He's at some Lovecraft nerd's house pumping him for Lovecraft info about a certain date.
Lovecraft Lover tells Bobby that a man sounding a lot like Cass asked him about the same day.
On that day Lovecraft had a dinner party. They were gonna open a portal to see what else was out there.
Lovecraft Lover had letters about the dinner party but they have mysteriously disappeared.
Bobby tells Lovecraft Lover to call him if he finds them and leaves the Lovecraft Lover's nerdy abode.
Bobby calls Sam with the Lovecraft info and tells him that all the dinner guests either died or disappeared within a year but the maid's 9 year old son is still alive and may know something. So Bobby is going to talk to him.
On to Dean. He's in some type of warehouse or somewhere warehouse-y looking and he's killing demons to try to find Crowley's location.
Sam wants to take over cos Dean is kinda going cray cray. But Dean wants to do it himself.
So Sam goes outside and tries to contact Cass. 
Cass is there but in his invisibility trench. Sam walks away. 
Cass is at Crowley's. Cass didn't know that Crowley took Lisa and Ben. He wants to know where Crowley has stashed them but Crowley ain't talking. He tells Cass to go find purgatory. 
Cass is getting an angel message. He goes to meet with Balthy. 
Balthy wants to know if Cass was super really working with Crowley. 
Apparently if Cass finds purgatory and soaks up all those souls he could explode and take half the planet with him. 
However, Cass says this isn't gonna happen. 
Well. Fine then. Balthy's in.
Back to Bobby's research project.
He's visiting a nuthouse.
Bobby is interviewing the maid's son from the dinner party but he's an old man now.
He tells Bobby that that night at the party, Lovecraft and the guests opened a door and something came out. It was invisible. No one else could see it. But the maid's son could. It went in his mother and she disappeared. Then one by one the guests started dying.
Bobby says that he's sorry about what happened to his mom. The old guy asks if Bobby would like to see a pic of her and hands it to him.
Bobby's OMGing.
Back to Dean's Interrogation Room Of Doom.
Dean is giving the whatfor to a demon.
The demon breaks through his restraints and sends Dean flying. He crashes into a van. (ok seriously. Where the hell is Dean?) The demon advances on Dean but Cass pops up and kills the demon.
Here are some more commercials.

Dean tells Cass that he didn't ask for his help.
Cass tells Dean that he had no idea that Crowley would take Lisa and Ben.
Dean says that he doesn't trust a word outta Cass' mouth now.
Cass promises that he'll find Lisa and Ben and bring them back. And he asks Dean to stand down.
But Dean is so not gonna stop until he finds Lisa and Ben and gets rid of Crowley.
Cass leaves.
Back to Bobby's adventure.
Bobby's at a cabin in the woods. He knocks on the door. Ellie answers the door. (Ivy from Passions, remember?)
Bobby tells Ellie that he knows who she is. Would you mind filling the rest of us in, Bobby?
She's the dame in the picture. The old man's mommy.
Bobby wants to know why Ellie didn't tell him she was from purgatory.
Ellie's all yeah my bad.
Ellie has been trying to keep the door to purgatory closed. Bobby tells her that Cass is gonna come after her.
Back to Sam, pouring himself a drink. Perhaps he's playing our drinking game. ;)
Enter Balthy.  He tells Sam that he's on Team Winchester now cos Cass is a big ol' lying liarface that lies like a dog.
Dean's here.
Balthy says he asked Cass some questions and didn't like the answers he got. So now he'll be their double agent. He says that he found where Crowley is keeping Lisa and Ben.
Angel powers activate! Balthy takes them to Crowley's hideout. And much like a banana, Balthy splits.
Dean ganks a demon. The boys split up.
Corridors of Doom! Oh how we've missed you!
Oh no! Some demon jacks Sam. They lock him in some kind of cave.
Lisa and Ben are tied up in a room. Two demons walk in.
Suddenly there's a commotion in the Corridors of Doom.
The demons go to check it out. It's Dean!
He kicks some demon ass and unties Lisa and Ben.
But Lisa has a knife! And she's pointing it at Ben's throat! And she says this brat isn't going anywhere!
Damn you, commercials!
Ooh. On second thought yay commercials. It's the trailer for the new show Ringer starring none other than Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar! Can't wait for that one. i'm gonna post all the trailers for the upcoming shows that i'm excited about soon so stay tuned for that. Now back to the Shakedown.

Lisa is fucking with Ben and Dean. Damn! She is being a huge biatch.
Dean throws holy water in her face. She lets go of Ben.
Dean starts with the Latin-chanting.
Lisa attacks him and grabs his throat.
She knows how to really hurt the boys. She stabs HERSELF! She says if Dean exercises her now then Lisa will just be a dead meatsuit.
Dean finishes the chant anyway. The demon is done for. And now Lisa is in trouble.
Dean tells Ben to get the gun and the knife and to shoot anything that comes at them.
Dean finds Sammy and frees him.
Everyone starts running for the exits so that they can save Lisa.
Sam gets a car and hauls ass to, i guess in normal sitches a hospital, but this is the Winchesters so who knows where they're taking her.
More commercials while Lisa's life hangs in the balance.

Ok. They took her to the hospital.
Dean and Ben look over her. Dean tells Ben he's sorry. Ben leaves. Cass enters.
Dean doesn't want Cass there.
Cass tells Dean that he's not there for him. He puts his hand on Lisa's forehead and heals the shit out of her.
Dean tells him thank you and that he wishes that it changed anything. Cass says he knows.
Dean asks for Cass to give him one more thing.
Cut to Lisa in the hospital bed with Ben in the chair next to her. She's awake!
Ben tells Lisa that they were in a car accident. That she hit her head but she's ok now.
Dean knocks on the door.
Ben asks who are you? WHAT!?!?
Dean tells them that he's the one that hit them with his car. Oh noes!!! Cass erased their memory of Dean! Aww!
Dean leaves. Aw, he's crying, y'all!
Sam is waiting outside the hospital.
Sam doesn't think what Dean had Cass do to Lisa and Ben's memories was right. Dean tells Sam if he mentions them to him again he'll break his nose.
They drive off.
Back to Ellie's cabin. She's walking to her car to get the fuck outs o' here.
Cass is there. He touches her shoulder. And they're gone!

Next time on Supernatural...
It's the final episode of season 6, y'all. Get ready!

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