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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 22 OR Sams I Am

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #22: The Man Who Knew Too Much.
Previously on Supernatural...
Shit. Went. Down. Lisa and Ben no longer remember Dean. Balthy's on Team Winchester and working as a double agent against Cass. Cass and Crowley are still working together to find purgatory but you can tell they're starting to get on each others nerves and something is about to give in that relationship. And we were introduced to a horror novel writer named H.P. Lovecraft who opened a portal and caused a lot of people to die and might have known where to find purgatory. The thing he let out of the portal? It was Bobby's friend Ellie. She's from purgatory and has been trying to keep that door shut for thousands of years. And Cass just kidnapped her.

It's Blair Witch Sammy!
It's like shaky camera angles. What is going on?
The police are after him. Sam hides in an alley.
He breaks into the back of a bar. There's some chick working there. Sam is super flustered.
The bar chippy asks Sam what his name is. Sam says he doesn't know. He can't remember anything.
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!

Sam says that he woke up on a park bench (lucky park bench!), that the cops tried to wake him but he knocked their asses out.
He tells Bar Chippy that he feels like there's somewhere he's supposed to be. Sam finds a book on a shelf. It's by Lovecraft.
Sam has mini-flashbacks.
Bar Chippy is super concerned about Sam.
Sam sees some motel in his flashes. He looks it up on the internet and finds out it's only two towns over.
Bar Chippy says that she'll drive him as he is freaking her the fuck out with his flustered flashbackery.
They drive to the motel. Sam suddenly knows which room he would pick.
They go to that room and Sam picks the lock with Bar Chippy's credit card.
Visa--- It's everywhere you wanna be!
There are newspaper clippings all over the walls. Bar Chippy finds all of Sam's various alias badges, licences, etc.
There's a clipping with Ellie's picture on it. It says that she's missing.
Sam has a flash and falls to the floor.
Now he's with Dean and Bobby walking down an alley somewhere.            
They find Ellie. She's bleeding.
It seems to open up purgatory they'll need one cup virgin's blood (not extra virgin-just virgin.) and one cup purgatory native's blood. Mix well and then open purgatory carefully.
So someone has already succeeded in getting their hands on purgatory native's blood. So virgins beware!
Aw. Ellie dies.
Cass appears. He tells them to go home so he can deal with Raphael.
Cass tells them that he'll save Sam but only if they stand down. Dean's all save Sam from what.
Cass touches Sam's beautiful head. Sam is out.
Sam is back with Bar Chippy. He remembers Bobby's name and looks him up in a book to find his address.
Bar Chippy says mm-kay this is where i get off.
Sam finds the Impala keys but Bar Chippy doesn't feel right about letting him just take off in his fainty state. Ok, look Bar Chippy, you better not be angling to try to sleep with my boo or shit is gonna get intense. You hear me?!?
All of a sudden someone takes a shot at them!
Holy shizz! It's Sam!
But now Sam is in Bobby's panic room unconscious.
Dean is calling his name but Sam is unresponsive. What the fuck is going on?!?!?
Commercial break.

Bobby says that Cass let down the dam in Sam's head and now it's all helled up in his noggin.
Dean's gonna stay with Sam and Bobby is gonna find Cass.
Sam is back in the Impala with Bar Chippy whose voice sounds like Sophia Bush's and who best not be putting the moves on my man. Bar Chippy is uber concerned/scared.
Dean shines a light in comatose Sam's eye.
The other Sam reacts by flinching and slamming on the brake. He gets out of the car. Suddenly it's daytime. Bar Chippy says that it's been daytime the entire time they've been out gallivanting. 
Suddenly Sam sees something in the woods at the side of the road. He tells Bar Chippy to get back in the car.
Sam goes to the trunk and finds the Winchester arsenal. He gets a gun and heads into the woods.
He's hunting....... himself?
This Sam takes the gun from the Original Sam. He explains that Sam is dreaming. When Cass took down his hell wall he fell to pieces. Oh this is Soulless Sam.
Soulless Sam is making fun of my baby!
Original Sam hauls ass. Soulless Sam shoots at him.
It's some serious Sam-on-Sam violence going on.
Original Sam hides behind a tree.
Soulless Sam shoots behind the tree. But it was just Original Sam's jacket.
Now Original Sam is behind Soulless Sam and he shoots him.
Soulless Sam says if you think i'm bad wait til you meet the other one. Soulless Sam is now kaput.
Smoky stuff gets all up in Original Sam.
Back in the panic room, Sam starts twitching.
Now back to Original Sam. He's back to the Impala and Bar Chippy. He tells her that he remembers her.
Flashback! A demon has Bar Chippy. The demon is taunting Sam with Bar Chippy thinking that Sam won't shoot him while he uses Bar Chippy as a human shield. 
But Sam shoots her and tells the demon that he's lost his leverage. 
Back to the side of the road. Bar Chippy has blood all on her shirt now. She told Sam to leave it alone. 
Back to the panic room. Balthy's here with info about Crowley. He's quickly becoming my new fave angel. (You had your chance, Cass!) 
Now on to The Double C Angel/Demon Duo. Crowley gives Cass the virgin blood/purgatory native blood cocktail. 
Cass is rethinking their arrangement. He's thinking perhaps Crowley shouldn't get anything. 
Crowley's all whaaaaaa?!?!? 
Cass tells Crowley to either flee or die. So Crowley flees. 
Now Sam is in some creepy candlelit room. There's someone at a desk. 
It's another Sam! And he's all bloody!
Original Sam asks which Sam this is.
Thing 2 says he's the Sam that remembers hell.
Now for another commercial.

Bobby's packing up his hunting equipment.
Back in the panic room Dean leaves Sam a piece of paper with where he and Bobby will be along with a gun next to him. Dean leaves to go after Crowley.
Back to the Sams. Hell Sam is the last piece. Sam has to piece himself back together so he can wake up. He has to listen to what Hell Sam has to tell him.
Hell Sam picks up a knife.
Original Sam holds up his gun. Hell Sam tells him he's not gonna fight him and hands him the knife.
Original Sam knifes Hell Sam. Blue smoky stuff abounds.
Sam thrashes around back at the panic room.
Cass calls Balthy. He tells him that Dean is on his way. It seems they have a Judas in their midst. Balthy tries to pretend he knows shit-all.
Cass tells Balthy that it's a difficult time because all of his friends are turning against him.
Then he stabs Balthy in the back! Literally! Balthy angel-explodes. Aw. Pour one out for Balthy y'all. He was a good badass angel.
Dean and Bobby are staking out the place where Crowley and Cass are supposed to be. There are angels on the lookout. 
Suddenly there's a noise. Look, Dementors! 
Dean and Bobby jump in the Impala. 
The impact of the Dementors knocks the Impala upside down.
Dementors descend on Cass' hideout.
Crowley comes in.
Cass puts his hand on Crowley's head trying to get rid of him but it doesn't work.
Crowley's made a new bestie that offers him a certain amount of protection.
Enter Raphael in his black lady suit.
Cass pulls a Scooby rut-row.
More commercials.

Cass is all Raph, you work with demons now?
Raph's all you're doing it. It looked like fun.
So Crowley has made a deal with Raphael.
Crowley tells Cass he has two options- flee or die.
So Cass throws Crowley the blood cocktail and leaves.
Crowley starts Latin-chantin'.
Bobby and Dean enter. They throw a dagger at Raphael but she catches it and sends Bobby crashing down the stairs and Dean goes flying and crashes to the floor.
Sam sees the car and has a hell brain flash.
Crowley finishes his chant but nothing happens.
Cass appears. Ha ha suckas! Cass gave y'all the wrong blood!
Dean and Bobby get up.
Raphael tells Cass to quit playing. Crowley tells Raphael that Cass' jar is empty and he bets that Cass' chant went a lot better than theirs did.
Cass starts glowing all golden-y.
And yet more commercials.

Everyone is super impressed with Cass' golden glow.
Crowley gets the fuck outta there.
Raphael is getting pretty scared.
Holy shit! Cass just snapped his fingers and completely killed Raphael!
Cass says see i saved you, Dean.
Dean tells Cass they need to get all those souls outta him pronto before he pops.
Cass says that Raphael had a lot of followers. He has to punish them all severely now.
Dean pleads with Cass to get rid of the soul juice.
Cass tells Dean he's not his family, that he has no family.
Sam stabs Cass in the back with the angel blade.
Cass just takes it out. He tells them it won't work cos he's not an angel anymore.
He's the new God. And if they don't bow down and profess their love for him he'll have to destroy them.
Bobby's all huh?
Dean's all whaaaa?
Sam's all say what now?
Cass looks smug with his recent promotion.

And that's it, y'all. That's the end of season 6. Holy shizz! Cass is totes going on a power trip. What does this mean for season 7? Is Cass gonna be a baddie now? Are we gonna have to take him down next season? We'll have to find out in the fall. See you then, Superfans!

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