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EvilEva Reviews... Moby Clique

Last month I reviewed the first two books of the Bard Academy trilogy for my TBR challenge. Here's my review of the final book, Moby Clique.

This is the third book in the series so this review may contain spoilers!

EvilEva reviews...... Moby Clique by Cara Lockwood. 

Miranda Tate is actually looking forward to starting her junior year at Bard Academy, a reform school that doubles as purgatory for famous dead authors. Her sunny outlook changes however when her sister Lindsay wrecks their dad's car, an offense that lands her at Bard as well.
And of course, Lindsay wants to be in the clique of Parker Rodham, resident mean girl and Miranda's nemesis. With Lindsay being a total Parker kiss-ass, a teacher brown-noser, and president of the Ryan Kent (ahem, Miranda's ex) fan club, Miranda is so over her sister's foray into badness.
Then Lindsay disappears. Miranda suspects Lindsay may have been tricked by Parker into finding a hidden cove that may contain a long lost treasure. But Lindsay doesn't know the dangers of the woods or the secrets that they hide. She could be in serious trouble. So, once again, it's up to Miranda and her friends to save the day.

Y'all know that I love Cara Lockwood. Her chick-lit totally rocks my socks. But this Bard Academy, I just don't know. I liked the first two books ok but Moby Clique, well, it seemed kinda sloppy. There are pirates and kidnapped students and mention of a buried treasure and yet none of this has anything to do with the plot of this book. It was just kinda stated and then pushed aside.
I mentioned in my previous post that this series is too crammed full with stuff. A case of too many cooks in the kitchen.
Well this one actually didn't involve nearly the crazy shizz as the last two books but for me it still didn't work. Even with less chaos the story didn't flow well.
I found Miranda to be kind of annoying this time around. Her relationship with Heathcliff bugged the fuck out of me. I haven't really been a fan of Heathcliff's from the beginning but I found him even less swoonworthy here. Miranda seemed so cliched in this one. She would fall or slip or lose her grip and things would seem dire and then Heathcliff would swoop in (sometimes seemingly out of nowhere) and rescue her with his super strong, muscle-y arms. And yes, ladies, I know this can be swoon city sometimes. But when it happens like 20 times during 294 pages, well it's so not swoony anymore. I mean, a book ago our gal was facing down Dracula and a pyromaniac and now she can't even walk through a fucking forest without Heathcliff holding her hand?!?! WTF!?!?
Umm, sorry for that little rant.
Anyhoo, pretty much the only saving grace for this book was the badassness that is Blade. She's my total fave. She kicks ass, she takes names, she takes shit from no one, she's her own person and that person is awesome!
We did finally get to hear the real story behind Ryan's mysteriously dead girlfriend but the explanation was so ridick that I don't even wanna talk about it.
Plus, for the faculty to be comprised of FUCKING GHOSTS who can walk through walls and disappear from one area only to appear in another, they were particularly useless in this "adventure."
So. I really wanted to like this series but, well, now I'm thinking I should just stick with Cara's chick-lit.

The Scale of Judgment says...... 2 and a half.

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