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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 7 Episode 3 OR Flash Forward Meets Flashback!

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #3: The Girl Next Door.
(P.S. this is the second episode of Supernatural that Jensen Ackles has directed! You go, Jensen!)
(P.S.S. in case you don't get the Flash Forward reference---get familiar, baby!)  
Previously on Supernatural...
The leviathan killed Cass (Maybe. We're still not completely sold on that bit yet.) and infected a towns water supply causing the townsfolk to go killing spree crazy. Sam finally defeats his hal-Lucifer-nations. There's a leviathan doctor that's treating the rest of the leviathan to hearty meals made entirely of hospital patients. Bobby shoots the Dr. but finds out that nothing seems to kill the leviathan. Bobby's house burns down and Bobby might have been in it. Noooooooooooooooooo! Car Garage Guy (who is just one of the shifty leviathan in a Car Garage Guy suit) broke Dean's leg and knocked Sam out cold. The boys dropped a car on Car Garage Guy but it didn't kill him. Sam and Dean are rushed to the hospital....where Dr. Organ Eater works!

Hospital! Dean's getting his broken leg set. He's freaking out because he realizes that he's in Black Goo Organ-Eaters General. He asks the doc where his brother is. She tells him he's getting an MRI. Dean tells her they need to leave but she tells Dean he isn't going anywhere with his broke down leg. Dean passes out.
Fade to black. Dean's back, looking really woozy. Dean rips off his IV and tries to get outta bed but quickly falls down cos he's got a big ass cast on his leg.
Enter Bobby!!!! Yay! He's alive!!! And in a suity suit! He helps Dean off the floor and tells him the hospital isn't safe and they need to haul ass.
Bobby's gonna go find Sam. He tells Dean to meet him at the ambulance dock. Dean doesn't know how he's gonna make it seeing as he can't walk. Bobby tosses him some crutches. 
Another part of the hospital! Evil Dr. Salt N Pepper Sexypants and Evil Nursey-Poo are scrubbing up. Evil Dr. Salt N Pepper Sexypants gets a call. Someone tells him the Winchesters are in his hospital. Oh noes!!! 
Dean's section of the hospital! Dean's trying to make a hasty exit with his crutches and through a morphine haze.
Cut to Bobby! He stops some guy wheeling someone on a gurney, presumably Sam. Bobby lies to the hospital worker and takes Sam with him.
Meanwhile, Evil Dr. Salt N Pepper Sexypants and Evil Nursey-Poo briskly walk the halls. 
Dean briskly walks the halls, trying to remain upright and get the fuck outta there.
Bobby briskly wheels Sammy out.
Evil Dr. Salt N Pepper Sexypants and Evil Nursey-Poo search for Dean.
Dean searches for a way out. 
Bobby puts Sam in the back of an ambulance and waits for Dean.
Uh oh! Evil Dr. Salt N Pepper Sexypants and Evil Nursey-Poo come out the back door instead! Bobby, understandably says "balls!"
Evil Dr. and Evil Nurse start coming toward Bobby's ambulance. Just then Dean comes in through the passenger side. Bobby floors it outta there.
Evil Dr. Sexypants takes out his phone and calls someone.
Exploding black goo. Supernatural logo. Showtime!

A cabin in Montana, 3 weeks later! Dean seems to be watching a telenovela. He and Bobby are awesome.
Bobby gives the boys the scoop on the hospital leviathan. They're still there, still killing people and it seems that nothing can kill them. So, not good news.
Sam fades out of the conversation because he starts hearing Lucifer again. Sam's hand is almost healed so it does no good for him to squeeze his wound now. 
Sam finally focuses on the subject at hand- the evil hospital leviathan. Bobby tells the boys that all the info he had burned up in the fire. Oh apparently the cabin used to belong to Rufus. *sniff* pour one out y'all. Bobby couldn't find any leviathan info in Rufus' cabin either. Even though Bobby's library burned down, he made copies of his one of a kind books and stashed them elsewhere. Cos Bobby is a genius!
Dean tells Sam to go get some food. Specifically pie. So Sam leaves.
Dean asks Bobby what he thinks of Sam and his flaking out during their convo. Bobby's not that worried. He thinks it was just a minor mess up. Dean kinda disagrees and is worried since Satan is still riding shotgun in Sam's noggin. So Dean and Bobby proceed to argue about Sam's mental health. Bobby tells Dean that right now they need to worry about today's problem which is the leviathan and the fact that they don't know how to kill them. Bobby leaves.
Gas & Sip! Sam gets snacks. He sees a newspaper headline that says something about an Ice Pick Killer which reminds me of the Ice Truck Killer from Dexter. Well, in that case, it's Brian, Dexter's secret long lost brother.
Sam hands the guy his credit card, the guy swipes it and now we're seeing the credit card call center for some reason.
Sam's alias comes up on some guy's computer screen. The guy calls Car Garage Guy from last weeks episode! He tells Car Garage Guy that the bros are in Montana. Car Garage Guy thinks he's too important to go to Montana to follow this lead so he tells Call Center Guy to go check it out. So Call Center Guy leaves.
Rufus' cabin! Sam's back with the goodies. Dean asks Sam if he's still having hallucinations. Sam tells him yes but he's managing it, he can tell the difference between what's real and what's all in his head.
Dean is mad that Sam got him cake instead of pie. Well pass it this way, buddy. i loves cake!
Later! Dean's crashed out on the couch. Sam reads the paper shiftily.
Present Day! Sam packs a bag and gets Dean's keys. He leaves Dean a note and leaves. Dean is still asleep on the couch and there's some commercial playing on TV for My Bloodiest Valentine which is funny since Jensen played on the remake of My Bloody Valentine.
Skate Park! A skeevy drug dealer is trying to sell drugs to a chick. A siren wails, the chick splits and the skeevy drug dealer starts to leave too. Suddenly someone decks him. He's knocked to the ground, dead and bleeding from the head.
Time for commercials.

Rufus' cabin! Dean wakes up and finds Sam's note. It says he'll be back in a few days. Dean is not pleased. He calls Bobby to tell him that Sam took off and he's not answering his phone and he turned off his GPS. Plus he took Dean's baby! Bobby tells Dean to give it a few days cos he's no good with his broken leg anyway so just sit tight and keep calling til Sam picks up. Dean agrees. Then starts sawing his cast off.
Police station! Sam's rocking one of his Suits of Sexiness as he poses as an agent to get info on the dead drug dealer that might be tied with the Ice Pick Killer. Sam thinks this is the work of the kitsune. He asks the officer if the drug dealer was stabbed behind the ear. He was. Sam asks if the brains were missing. The officer doesn't know but leads Sam to the coroner. Sam's phone rings but he ignores it.
Gas & Sip! Dean asks the convenience store clerk if he remembers Sam and what he bought. He asks if Sam bought a paper and luckily they still have copies of the previous days paper left for Dean to filch. Dean sees the headline and is concerned.
Morgue! The coroner shows Sam that the drug dealer's pituitary gland is missing.
Flashback! Lil Sam tells Dean that the kitsune need pituitary glands in order to survive.
Present day! Sam starts a Bulletin Board Of Monster Research.
Flashback! Lil Sam's doing his kitsune homework whilst talking to Dean on the phone. Lil Sam thinks he's found a connection. He connects the X's on his map.
Present day! Big Sam's doing the same thing. He circles an area on the map.
Impala! Sam's waiting in the dark for something.
Flashback! Lil Sam's getting his research on at the library. And he sees a hot tweenie chick that catches his eye. He walks away to call Dean. He tells him the way to kill a kitsune is to stab it in the heart. Aw! Then Lil Sam asks Dean how to talk to girls.
Lil Sam gathers up his courage by the magazine rack. Lil Sam goes up to Hot Tweenie Chick, notices she has a moon necklace which will probably be relevant later on and tells her hi. Hot Tweenie Chick tells Lil Sam to go away. Aww, Lil Sam looks so dejected. Hot Tweenie Chick looks like she might feel a little sorry for telling Sam so harshly to take a hike. So she tells him that it's not him, it's just that she's not allowed to talk to boys. Lil Sam walks away dejectedly. Awwww.
He leaves the library. Hot Tweenie Chick walks out shortly after Sam. She walks by two skeevy tween boys who follow her. Sam walks after them. The skeevy tweens are harassing Hot Tweenie Chick. Lil Sam goes to work beating their asses. The tweens beat a hasty retreat. Sam introduces himself. Hot Tweenie Chick introduces herself as Amy.
Present day! Some chick is walking alone through the woods at night. Sam stealthily follows her.
Cut to some drunk dude on the side of the road that can't figure out how to get in his car. The chick from the woods watches the drunk dude from the trees. Sam comes up behind her, grabs her and pulls out a knife. Then he notices her moon necklace. It's Amy! And also Becca from Flash Forward!
More Commercials.

Amy recognizes Sam too. She asks him what he's doing there and he tells her he thinks she already knows what he's doing there.
Drunky finally realizes how to open his car door.
Sam takes Amy for a walk. At knife point. So Amy's the kitsune from years past. She tells Sam that she's different now. She's had the same job for 6 years, she's got a house, a mortgage, a normal life.
Flashback! Lil Amy tends to Lil Sam's wounds. She goes to get Sam a soda and there are jars of brains just hanging out in her fridge.
Sam and Amy talk about their families. Sort of. Aw, Sam and Amy flirt over their shitty home life! Sam kisses Amy!
Present day! Amy tells Sam that she's managing her kitsune-ness. But Sam brings up that she's spiked three guys this week. She tells him that she had to kill those guys but she won't tell him the specifics. But Sam can't believe her. So Amy quickly knocks the knife from his hand and slams his head against a tree and hauls ass. But Sam grabbed something from her pocket before she ran off. Then he passes out.
Morgue! Dean asks the coroner to see the body Sam wanted to see. The coroner tells Dean about the pituitary glands. Dean realizes what they're dealing with now.
He calls Bobby to inform him where Sam is and what he's up to.
Amy's house! She's quickly packing up her shit. Enter Sam. Whatever he got from her pocket had her name on it and that's how he found her.
Amy has blood on her hand and it's fresh so she just killed again. Sam wants her to tell him what's going on or he'll have to kill her. But she can't tell Sam why she's killing. Is is because she has a dark passenger?
Amy tells Sam that he knows the kind of person she is. She wouldn't kill people willy-nilly for no good reason.
Flashback! Lil Sam spills his soda. He and Amy bound over their crappy parents while cleaning up the mess. Amy doesn't think her mom is a good person. Sam and Amy have A Moment.
Present day! Sam wants Amy to tell him the truth. Amy tells him to drop the knife and she'll show him. But Sam tells Amy that he'll drop the knife after she shows him. Amy opens a door. There's a little boy asleep in the room. He's Amy's son. Amy tells Sam that she's a mortician and she's been feeding on the dead but then her son got sick and fresh meat was the only thing that helped him. She says that her son's fever broke after the last victim and she promises that it's over. They can both just walk away from this. She pleads with him by hitting him with an "after what i did for you."
Flashback! Amy hides Sam cos her mom's back home.
Now he's trapped in the closet!
Mama Kitsune tells Amy that they have to leave cos a couple of pros in an Impala have caught up with them. She tells Amy that they're leaving.
She goes to the closet!
But Amy stops her. Amy tells her to gas up the van and she'll pack.
Mama Kitsune exits.
Amy lets Sam outta the closet!
Sam tells Amy he has to go. Then he sees the brain in a jar on the table. He pulls out his knife and tells Amy that that's his dad and brother in the Impala. Sam realizes that Amy's a monster and Amy realizes that Sam is a hunter. So they're like sworn enemies. Amy admits that she's never killed anyone before. She tells him that she doesn't wanna hurt him and asks if he wants to hurt her. Sam says no. Amy tells him to run. So Sam goes to leave.
Present day! Sam opens the door to his motel. And Dean punches him in the face, knocking him into the bushes.
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Dean's pissed that Sam ran off.
Sam tells Dean that he took care of the job. Dean asks where the body is. Sam tells him that he let her go. Dean asks why.
Flashback! Before Lil Sam can leave, Mama Kitsune storms back in and grabs him. Mama Kitsune acts like a total a-hole. She tells Amy that Sam isn't her friend, he's food. Then she backhands Amy to the floor. Mama Kitsune grows some pretty fierce claws and is about to tear Sam to shreds when a knife is plunged through her chest. Holy balls! Amy just killed her own mother to save Sam!
Present day! Sam told Dean the whole Amy backstory. He never told anyone until now. He said it was his mess so he had to clean it up. Dean tells him he didn't exactly clean it up.
But Sam couldn't kill Amy. She saved him, killed her own mother to do it. He had to let her go. Dean tells Sam that they have to kill her because she's still killing people.
Flashback! Lil Sam tells Amy she has to run. He tells Amy to get on the first bus outta town, he'll take care of her mom's body. Amy tells Sam to come with her but Sam tells her he can't. Amy leaves.
Present day! Dean tells Sam he understands how he feels responsible for Amy but he reminds Sam that Amy is a freak. Sam gets mad because he's technically a "freak" too. And even though he's not normal, it doesn't mean that he's dangerous. And the same goes for Amy. Neither of them will ever be "normal" but they're both managing their freakishness.
Dean doesn't know if they can trust that Amy won't kill again. Sam tells him that Amy's dying son is the reason that she was killing. He tells Dean that they'd probably do the same thing if they were in that position. Which is true. Sam tells Dean that it's fine if he doesn't trust Amy but he needs to trust Sam. Dean agrees. Sam looks kinda shocked that Dean is being so understanding.
More commercials.

Dean's on the phone. Sam approaches. Dean tells him that they'll meet up with Bobby tomorrow. Dean actually lets Sam drive his baby. They get to a motel. Dean tells Sam to check in while he goes to get his pain meds. Sam exits. Dean slides into the driver's seat.
Amy's house or perhaps motel! Amy walks in. Dean's already there. He tells her he's Sam brother. Amy asks if Sam sent him but Sam doesn't even know that Dean went to meet her. She asks if Sam told him about her son. Dean tells her he did but it doesn't matter how hard she tries, you are what you are. He tells her that eventually she will kill again. Amy promises that she won't. Dean tells her she can't promise something like that because eventually the other shoe will drop. Then he stabs her! Good God, Dean!
She falls on the bed and dies. Dean turns to leave and sees that her son saw the whole thing. Dean asks if he's got someone he can go to. The boy nods his head yes. Dean asks if he ever killed anyone. The boy shakes his head no. Dean tells the boy that if he ever does kill anyone he'll will come back and kill him too.
The boy tells Dean the only person he's gonna kill is Dean. Dean tells him to look him up in a few years, assuming he lives that long. Dean walks away. The boy runs over to his dead mother. Dean looks kinda regretful and leaves.
Gas & Sip! Call Center Guy is on the phone. He tells whoever is on the other end, Car Garage Guy presumably, that Sam was definitely there. Call Center Guy has all the Winchester alias' and he'll find them from here. He's just gotta grab a bite first. He's got the Gas & Sip clerk tied up! He tells him that plain ol' people taste fine but everything's better with cheese. Then he lifts a vat of nacho cheese and dumps it over the clerk's head! Then Call Center Guy gets full-on Venus Flytrap Vagina Face!

Next time on Supernatural...
Dean is guilt-ridden and Jo's back!!!!!!

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