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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 14 OR Whatever Happened To Andrew McCarthy?

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #14: Mannequin 3: The Reckoning. 
Previously on Supernatural...
Sam and Dean are back to good ol' monster hunting. We learned that Sam was a man whore last year when he was all soulless. And kind of an a-hole. But now he's back to his old sweet self. Except he just had a seizure on the floor and he appeared to have all kinds of hell in his head and OMG WiLL HE BE ALRiGHT!?!?!

Sam is still on the floor where we left him in the last episode. 
Dean is trying to revive him by calling his name over and over again. 
Finally Sam opens his eyes and the flame shrinks away and he sharply exhales.
He's ok. For now.
Now we're at some junior college in Jersey. There's a janitor mopping the floor. There's a really creepy anatomy body dude thingie hanging on a hook in the lab that the janitor is cleaning. 
And now the anatomy body is off of its hook. WHA!!!
The janitor is still cleaning away not noticing that the creepy body doodad that was behind him is no longer there. He notices that blood is dripping on his freshly mopped floor. How bothersome. Where is this blood coming from? 
Oh. It's coming from the janitors forehead. This will not end well for the poor janitor. 
The lights go out. Yeah this is definitely not going to end well for this fella. 
The janitor starts running. Mr. Anatomy Guy Dude is in front of him now. Blood slashes on to the wall. Dexter would be so proud. 
The janitors body is on the floor. He's dead. And the anatomy doohickey is back on its hook acting all innocent and skinless. 
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!
Dean has some pills for Sammy. They talk about what just happened at the motel. Now they talk about what happened last year. Dean tells Sam that he's not gonna look for trouble that seems familiar anymore. He wants to keep The Great Wall of Sam up and together. No more fissures. 
Dean tells Sam about the dead janitor in Jersey. Dean makes a Snooki joke. Awesomely. Sam says what's a Snooki? Awesomely. Dean says good question. Well played, gentlemen. 
So now we're at the college in Jersey. There is nary a juicehead gorilla in sight. 
Dean plays with the removable body parts in the deadly anatomy body of doom. 
Lisa texts Dean. He ignores it. Sam notices and feels sorry for Dean. 
Sammy is handling the EMF which is going crazy. So something spooktacular definitely happened here. 
Sam goes to the janitors girlfriends house. He finds nothing there, it seems the janitor was a decent dude. Dean didn't find anything fishy about the school either, just a regular non-evil school. 
Now there's some guy in a factory. And it's full of mannequins. 
He's face to no-face with a mannequin. You can see his breath in the air. His forehead starts to bleed. He turns around. But now there's a mannequin there too and he straight up stabs this guy! What!?!?! But they don't even have movable parts!!! 
Now for our first commercial. 
Ugh. i hate this caramel mocha coffee whatever McDonalds commercial. If i saw a couple doing that whole tapping cups on the table/hand dancing bullshit i would totally throw my caramel mocha coffee whatever in their faces. It's just so fucking annoying. 

Now at the new crime scene. Bros are dressed in their suit-y suits. Looking fine as hell!
Sam uses the EMF reader. It goes bonkers near a cart full of mannequin parts.
Sam asks what if the mannequins are it. What if they are our monster of the week, crazy as it sounds. 
Dean thinks that Sam has got to be joking with a theory like that. 
Sam thinks that maybe something is possessing the mannequins. 
Dean is totally creeped out by them. They decide to split. But not before Dean makes a Kim Catrall/Mannequin joke. When has Dean found the time to watch all the many movies and TV shows that he quips about so often? It is amazing. 
Sam finds something on the internet about a missing seamstress named Rose. She mysteriously disappeared. The boys are thinking perhaps we have a vengeful spirit on our hands. 
Lisa calls again. Dean finally decides to answer his phone. But it isn't Lisa, it's Ben and he sounds totes concerned. He said that something is wrong with Lisa, that she won't come out of her room. 
Dean decides that he'll go check on Lisa right quick and Sam can stay and work the case. 
Sam goes to interview Rose's sister. Sam sees a photo album on the coffee table and asks if he can look through it. 
There is a picture of an office party. The janitor and the other dead dude are in it along with Rose. At one point they all worked at the same factory. 
Sam calls Dean with the news. 
Sam goes back to the factory and interviews people that work there. While this is happening really great "we're getting work done in the 80's" music is playing. It is awesome!
Sam is interviewing a very suspicious man wearing a trucker hat and hiding perhaps a mullet head. The guy says that he doesn't really know anything about this Rose person. Sam gives him his card in case he can remember anything or for whenever he wants to stop lying. 
Dean rings the doorbell. 
Lisa answers the door all dolled up and happy until she sees that it's Dean. Dean says they've apparently been Parent Trapped by Ben. 
Turns out Lisa is going on a date with a doctor. Ben enters the room.
Dean and Lisa yell at him  "Go to your room!" Aww, they sound so parental together.
Lisa and Dean have a heart to heart. Lisa wants Dean but she doesn't want his hunter lifestyle. But she can't have one without the other. So she wishes that Dean would just allow her to move on. Preferably with the handsome doctor.
Back at the factory, we see mullet head. He's on the phone and he is freaking out. He hangs up. Uh oh. There's the gash of doom on his forehead. Sorry mullet head.
Time for another commercial.
The trailer for Drive Angry. It looks really stupid. What is up with Nick Cages hair? Did his good wig get auctioned off when he went bankrupt or whatever, you know when he supposedly lost that T-Rex bone or tooth or whatever it was? 

Mullet Head Johnny is freaking out. There is a mannequin all up in his grill.
And there's Sam. 
Sam takes him to a room and starts pouring salt around the perimeter. Sam tells Mullet Head Johnny that, long story short, Rose is back and quite peeved so Mullet Head needs to tell him exactly what he and the other dudes did to her. 
So Johnny starts weaving his mean tale. He says that some of the guys made Rose think that she had a secret admirer. 
Flashback. Rose is getting gifts in her work locker. She looks very happy. She gets a note to meet her secret admirer somewhere. So she goes to the address. 
It's an apartment. She goes in and there's a table set up with candles and a man sitting at one of the chairs with his back to her. Rose goes over and taps him on the shoulder but the man falls on the floor because it's not a man at all. It's a mannequin. 
All these jerks from work come out and laugh and make fun of Rose. She tells them to go to hell.
One guy tells her that they were just fooling around and that she needs to learn to take a joke. He tries to grab Rose's arm but she pulls away and loses her balance. 
She falls and hits her head on the edge of the coffee table. Mullet Head Johnny wants to call the cops but the guy that tried to grab her is afraid that he'll get sent to prison for involuntary manslaughter. So Mullet Head Johnny doesn't call anyone and the rest of the group o' douches go and bury poor Rose in the woods somewhere. 
Sam tells Mullet Head Johnny that he's going to the burial site and that his mullet head needs to stay inside that salt circle until he gets back. 
Mullet Head Johnny acts all affronted about having to stay there perhaps all night. Like you have anything else to do, Mullet Head. 
Sam thinks he's a totally douchenugget for even saying that since he watched this girl die and did nothing. 
Dean goes up to Ben's room. Now they have a heart to heart. Ben wants Dean to stay. He loves him and doesn't want his mom to date anyone else. Aww. They want to be a family. 
Dean tells him that his job keeps dangerous stuff around him and he won't bring that shit home to him and Lisa. He's trying to protect them.
Sam is at the grave site. He's already dug it up and there are Rose's remains. He burns the bones and calls Mullet Head Johnny to tell him that he can leave the salt circle now. 
Dean is driving back to Jersey and the mission. There is a montage of Lisa opening the door to find Dean there. And now we're flashbacking to good times with Lisa and Ben. Poor Dean. 
Mullet Head Johnny goes to a bar. Oh. Apparently he's going to the apartment above the bar. 
He's talking to some chick in the bed. 
Oh. No. It's no chick. It's a sex doll. Mullet Head Johnny is Lars and the Real Girl! He tells the sex doll that they're leaving. The doll's head starts to turn around to face him. 
Mullet Head Johnny pulls a Scooby-Doo and looks all Rut-Row!
More commercials.

Mullet Head Johnny is dead on his apartment floor with a pink scarf or tie wrapped around his neck. 
Sam is there and sees the sex doll. He calls Dean to tell him that this shit ain't over yet.
So Sam goes to Rose's sisters house again. (Her name is Isabel, btw.) He thinks that maybe Rose's spirit is tied to her. 
He asks Isabel if there is anything of Rose's that now belongs to her. She can't think of anything. Oh, except HER KiDNEY!!! Yet another Rut-Row.
Sam and Dean meet in a parking lot to discuss this situation. Isabel waits in the car. 
They don't know what they can do about Isabel's haunted kidney. They can't very well take it from her. 
Isabel has gotten out of the car and wants to know what's up. 
The Impala's engine starts revving. Dean is pissed that Rose is trying to possess his baby. Dean runs around the parking lot in a comical fashion whilst trying to avoid being run over by his own car. Dean stops in front of some store. The Impala is barreling towards him. At the last second Dean moves and the Impala crashes through the window of the store. 
Isabel starts bleeding from the mouth. 
Rose shows up and says that she's sorry. She didn't mean for her sister to die. 
Isabel falls to the ground. Dead. 

Dean is fixing the Impala. 
Dean and Sam talk about the mission and how this one didn't really feel like a win. Dean isn't pleased with this result at all. Sam tells him that you can't win them all but hopefully you can win more than you lose. 
Now they have a little talk about the shitious business that is hunting. 
But they'll always have each others backs.

Next time on Supernatural...
Our boys get all TV-ified! Sam is some hottie named Jared Padalecki and Dean is some hottie named Jensen Ackles and they're on a TV set for some show called Supernatural and there's a director yelling "Cut!" and what is going on???

P.S. What happened to the Mother of All? i thought she was gonna be the next big bad and they've yet to mention her again. Coming soon, i guess.

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