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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 7 Episode 4 OR The Guilty People's Court

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #3: Defending Your Life.
Previously on Supernatural...
The leviathan are still kicking and seemingly indestructible. Bobby's alive!!! Sam still hears the pitter-patter of Lucifer's lil feet (and voice.) Dean went behind Sam's back and killed his kitsune friend and has been keeping it a secret. Now Dean feels really guilty about it.

A guy is running through the streets of Dearborn, Michigan. A car's chasing him. Not sure if someone is in the car chasing this guy down or if we've got ourselves a Christine-like sitch here. The guy turns down an alley and loses the car. Except no he doesn't cos now the car is at the opposite end of the alley and it's headed straight for him! The guy hauls it back to the streets. The car continues to chase him. The guy heads into a building. Climb the stairs! Everyone knows cars can't climb stairs! The guy runs up the stairs and into an apartment where he locks the door behind him. i guess he feels safe in the fact that cars are not known as stair-climbers. But then he gets sub zero temperature breath! An engine revs! The car is in his fucking living room! It roars towards him and squashes him into the wall.
Exploding black goo. Supernatural logo. Showtime!

Sam and Dean drive up to the apartment building where that guy was run over in the privacy of his own home. They arrive rocking Suits of Sexiness!
Lucifer calls to Sam. Sam mashes his hand where he cut it in episodes past.
Dean finds it wonky working a non-leviathan case but this case sounds cray cray so the boys had to check it out.
Sam tells Dean btw thanks for letting Amy go. Dean looks guilty. He should. He totally killed Becca from Flash Forward.  Now who's Tucker gonna marry?! (i don't know about y'all but in my mind those two always totally ended up together!)
Crime scene! One of the detectives tells the guys that the vic appears to have been crushed to death. He says that if they weren't on the tenth floor he'd guess the guy was crushed by a car.
Sam pulls out an EMF reader and it goes crazy. Dean makes a funny. Sam notices some kind of clay-type dirt on the floor. Sam suggests something Christine-like, which is why Sam and i are perfect for each other cos i just said the same thing! Dean is dubious because of the stairs factor. He thinks it's something spectral. He goes through some of the victim's belongings and finds a 10 years sober AA chip. Then he makes another funny. Sam finds some credit card statements and finds monthly charges made to a place called Jane's. (Btw, the victim's name is Matt.)
Sam's going to the AA meeting while Dean heads to Jane's.
AA! Sam asks a woman that i guess runs the meeting about Matt. She said he seemed bothered the last time she saw him. Also that he almost went back to drinking just before he died. He called her from a tavern so she went over and talked him out of it. But she doesn't know what could've triggered this shizz.
Jane's! Which is a flower shop. Dean asks about Matt. The flower shop girl says that Matt payed her 3 years advance to keep up his flower sending to an Elizabeth Duren. Dean asks for Elizabeth's address.
Cemetery! This is Elizabeth's address. She died when she was only 10 years old. The boys decide to go back to the motel to research this strangeness.
Motel! Sam sexily researches Elizabeth and finds out she was killed 10 years ago when her neighbor accidentally backed over her in a driveway. Matt was the neighbor but was never charged with anything since it was an accident. Dean ponders if Matt was drunk when he ran over Elizabeth. Whilst drinking a beer his damn self.
Sam says they need to burn Elizabeth's bones and put her spirit to rest.
Cemetery! The boys dig up Elizabeth's grave and salt and burn her bones.
The streets! There's a dog running after some other guy. The guy runs to a diner. Open the door! Everyone knows dogs can't open doors! The guy opens the door, slams it shut and locks it. Then he runs to the bathroom like a complete and utter loon. The other diner patrons look at him as if they are truly shocked that this weirdo thinks this dog can open a door with no opposable thumbs. In the bathroom, the guy calls 911. He hears panting, turns and sees the evil dog! In the bathroom with him! Even though there should be TWO locked doors between them!
The dog attacks. Blood splatters on the mirror. The lady at the 911 call center is still talking like a nitwit.
Then there's a close up of the phone. It's at this point that i think it would be really funny if the dog's paw comes down on the end key. But it doesn't. Instead we get...

Motel! Sam reads an article in the paper about the guy that got attacked by the dog. The paper also says that 5 years ago the guy was busted for running a dog fighting business. Dean thinks the guys sounds pretty dicky and maybe got what he deserved. But Sam tells him that even after his probation he worked at an animal shelter and raised money for the cause.
Dean looks all weary. i guess his kitsune killing is wearing him down. Sam wants to go to the coroner's office to check out the body.
Outside the coroner's office! More Suits of Sexiness! Sam tells Dean that the guy had red dirt under his nails and on his shoes. So there's a connection. Where's this place with all this red dirt? An apple farm. Lets go there!
Impala! The boys are on their way to the apple farm. Suddenly a guy runs out in front of them! Dean slams on the brakes. The boys offer the guy a ride which he accepts.
Motel! The guy's name is Warren. Sam asks him what his deal is. Warren tells the bros that he was just put on trial and sentenced to death. Dean asks what he did. Warren tells them he held up a liquor store and killed the owner and his wife. Dean asks when this happened. Warren says it happened in 1981. Dean and Sam are all "whaaaaa?!?!" Warren explains he just got our of prison after serving 30 years. He was in a bar when suddenly he got jumped. He woke up in a courtroom. But it wasn't a regular courtroom. There was a judge but he was in a barn. It was at the apple farm!
Sam asks the name of the bar where Warren was jumped. It's the same bar where Matt was before his unfortunate accident. Warren tells the boys there were some weird symbols in the barn. Sam asks him to draw them.
Dean pulls Sam outside and tells him that so far the victims have kinda gotten what they deserve and it's hard for him not to root for the ghosts on this one. Sam wants Dean to stop being so judgy. But Dean says that everyone is judgy.
Sam tells Dean he's gonna go check out the barn. Dean says he's gonna check out the bar. Sam asks if he's going to work or drink. Dean hasn't decided yet. Dean exits. Sam returns upstairs to Warren. He tries to convince Warren to come with him to the barn but Warren's all hell nah! He says the people he killed are out there.
Sam puts Warren in a Salt Circle of Protection, throws him the TV remote and tells him to stay put. Sam exits and calls Bobby about the symbols.
Bar! Dean gets his drank on and flirts/interrogates the hot blond bartender or Mia as is her actual name. Mia asks Dean if it's his work or love life that's making him so drinky. Dean tells her it's work then vaguely talks how he feels guilty for the kitsune/Sam bidness.
There's some shifty guy in a baseball hat sitting next to Dean. i think he's eavesdropping.
Dean asks for another shot. Mia tells him he needs to slow his roll. Then she tells him she'll be off in an hour. Seems Mia would like to enjoy some sexytimes with Dean. So Dean switches to beer.
Barn! Sam checks the place out. He finds red dirt but not much else. Bobby calls. He tells Sam the symbols are Egyptian and they identify the God Osiris. Bobby says that the lore says he can see directly into the human soul. He weighs the guilt and if he finds more than a feather's worth, you're done son. Sam asks why Osiris would be in Dearborn. Bobby says that he seems to pop up, get his Judge Judy on and then disappears. Bobby tells Sam that they need to haul ass outta there cos this dude hones in on people that feel guilty. Also known as Dean.
Outside the bar! Dean pep talks himself for the sexytimes in his near future. His cellphone rings. Dean goes to answer it but he's grabbed from behind!
More commercials.

Barn! Sam's leaving a voicemail message for Dean, hoping he's not tee totes loaded. Sam's cell rings. He thinks it's Dean but it's Mia calling from Dean's phone. She tells Sam she found the phone on the ground and Dean was supposed to meet her 10 minutes ago. Sam heads over to meet with her.
Motel! Warren's inside his Salt Circle of Protection. The TV goes out and the lights start to flicker. Warren stupidly leaves his circle, smearing the salt in the process and rendering it useless now. Warren runs out of the room and down the hallway. He runs into the ghosts of those people he killed. The guy ghost shoots Warren,
Outside the bar! Mia gives Sam Dean's phone. She shows Sam where she found it. Red dirt!
Barn! Sam walks in, gun in hand.
There's a fancy Egyptian throne and some statues.
Dean is chained to a chair.
Now the guy from the bar sans the hat is sitting on the throne. It's Osiris. He calls Sam and tells him to stop skulking around and show himself. Sam knows what's going on. So he tells Osiris that he should be the one on trial, not Dean. Osiris says that's for him to decide. He tells Sam to beat it. But Sam wants to be Dean's attorney. Osiris will allow it.
Dean's trial is underway. Osiris will call 3 witnesses. Sam objects but is denied. Dean looks a little green as if he just knows Amy will be one of those witnesses. *gulp*
Osiris tells Sam to quit objecting or he'll kill him. Then he calls Jo Harvelle to the stand.
Jo's ghost materializes. Osiris asks Jo her relationship to Dean. She says they worked together.
Working together montage!
Osiris asks if Jo admired Dean. She says yes, as a hunter. Osiris is baiting Jo to make her admit that it's Dean's fault she's dead.
Jo and Dean's first case together montage!
Osiris continues baiting Jo which pisses Dean off and thus makes him get mouthy towards Osiris. O tells Dean he better check himself before he wrecks himself and threatens to cut out his tongue.
Now it's Sam's turn to question Jo. He asks her about her dad whom we all know was a hunter too. Sam asks Jo if she got into the biz to impress Dean or to follow in her father's footsteps. Jo agrees with the latter. She tries to talk to Dean but Osiris swishes his hand and she flickers away.
O gives Sam and Dean a minute to get their shit together. Sam asks Dean who the next witness is. Dean doesn't know.
Osiris calls Sam to the stand. O asks Sam if he was happy out of the family business. If he was ok with losing Jess and school and all the opportunities of being normal when Dean decided to drag him back in to the hunting racket.
First episode Sam and Jess montage!
Sam says, much like Denise Richards, it's complicated. But he says that it's not Dean's fault that Jess died. O agrees that it wasn't directly his fault. Dean looks really guilty. And kinda pukey.
Dean killing, punching and fucking up people's lives montage!
Osiris asks Sam if he thinks Dean pulled him back into the hunter's life cos he'd rather damn Sam with him than go it alone. Sam thinks not.
Osiris tells Sam that he doesn't decide Dean's guilt. He just weighs the guilt that's already there. This is all about how Dean feels. So basically all Dean has to do is find himself not guilty and this shizz goes away. But O doesn't think Dean can do that. 
Sam wants to call Dean to the stand. O will allow it. He breaks Dean's chains. Sam questions Dean. 
He tries to help Dean not feel guilty by explaining to him why he shouldn't feel guilty about Sam or Jess or Jo. 
Because Dean says he doesn't feel guilty and because O enjoyed Sam's courtroom theatrics, he's gonna ask Dean if he would like to see who the final witness is. 
Which we all know will be Amy even before they start playing her death montage.
Dean can't pretend he doesn't feel guilty about that one. Sam wants to call the final witness but Dean doesn't see that it matters. It's not going to change anything. 
So Osiris finds Dean guilty and sentences him to death. 
Even more commercials.

Motel! Warren's dead body is being pushed out on a gurney. 
Enter Sam and Dean. Sam thinks there's still time to figure something out. 
Research montage!
Bobby calls with some news of how to get rid of Osiris. But it's only temporary. Long time temporary, but better than nothing. Bobby tells them they need to stab O with a ram's horn. Sam wonders where the hell he's gonna find a ram's horn in Dearborn. Bobby has no ideas but tells Sam it better be a sharp one.
Sam researches ram's horn locations. He finds out that Jewish people blow through them once a year. Dean wants to know where Sam's gonna find one this late at night. Sam suggests stealing one from a synagogue.
Dean worries that O is gonna sic Jo on him and that he's gonna have to kill her all over again. Sam tells him he didn't kill her to begin with. 
Sam leaves on ram's horn recon.
Dean makes a Salt Circle of Protection. And heeeeere's Jo.
Synagogue! Sam finds a ram's horn but gets busted by a Rabbi. Uh oh!
Bar! O's drinking and new victim hunting.
Motel! Jo tells Dean she'd never do this. Osiris is making her. She tells Dean he doesn't deserve this. He tells her she didn't deserve to die.
Impala! Sam races to kill Osiris.
Motel! Dean pours his heart out to Jo. They have a heart to heart. Jo tells Dean he carries a lot of crap that he doesn't have to. She goes over to the stove and turns the burners on.
Bar! O's still searching for new guilty prey.
Motel! It's getting ghosty up in this bitch. Salt Circle of Protection blows away. Jo's next to Dean. She tells him she doesn't want to do this. Dean says it's ok.
Street! Osiris' prey is walking to her car. O grabs her.
Motel! Jo takes Dean's lighter from his pocket.
Street! Sam ganks O with the ram's horn. O turns to ash. 
Motel! Jo drops the lighter and flickers away.
Commercials yet again.

Lakeside! Sam and Dean share a beer on the side of the road. Sam asks if Jo seemed like she was in pain. Dean says she was regular Jo, maybe even a little happier. 
Dean gives Sam props on his lawyer act. Sam asks who the final witness was. Dean says he has no idea. It could have been anybody.
Dean wonders why Osiris skipped Sam. Sam tells Dean probably because he doesn't feel guilty anymore. He's spent a lot of time feeling shitty. Hell is what helped him with his guilt. He did bad things and feels like he paid his dues in hell. He feels like his past is his past. 
Dean says he doesn't know whether to feel jealous or weirded out. Sam tells Dean that it may sound lame but he feels kinda good. Dean makes a funny.

Next time on Supernatural...
It's a Mini Buffy Reunion! 
Cordelia and Spike are having marital probs, y'all!

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